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Pale Moon updated to 28.11.0

Posted: 2020-07-14, 13:19
by Moonchild
This is a development, bugfix and security release.

Linux versions will follow shortly!

  • Changed storage format for certificates and passwords to SQLite.
    Please note that this is a unidirectional change, and mixing/matching versions with a shared used profile (e.g downgrading) may cause newly-added passwords being lost.
  • Added a preference (browser.tabs.insertAllAfterCurrent) to enable always adding new tabs after the current tab, whether related or not.
  • Changed the way Firefox extensions are displayed in the add-on manager (provide a clear warning).
  • Denied other types of add-ons that aren't explicitly targeting Pale Moon's ID. Time to stop using those incompatible Firefox themes etc. and properly fork them!
  • Improved the browser's DPI-awareness to be per-monitor instead of system-wide, on supported Windows operating systems.
  • Updated bookmark backups code with the other half of what should have been done way back when, so they work fully as-intended.
  • Added a preference (browser.bookmarks.editDialog.showForNewBookmarks) to enable immediately showing the edit dialog for new bookmarks.
    If set to true, clicking the star in the address bar will pop open the edit dialog immediately for changing details/sorting.
  • Fixed the useragent string in native mode, and updated UA code to properly respond to live changes to some preferences.
  • Tidied up front-end browser JavaScript.
  • Changed the way sources are compiled (on-going de-unification).
  • Improved compatibility with gcc v10
  • Removed support for the obsolete and unmaintained NVidia 3DVision stereoscopic interface.
  • Fixed some build issues in non-standard configurations.
  • Fixed wrong positions when calculating the position for position:absolute child inside a table.
  • Aligned file name extension of saved url files with other applications (lower case)
  • Fixed building with --disable-webspeech (to disable speech synthesis)
  • Added global menubar support for GTK.
  • Implemented node.getRootNode
  • Implemented AbortController (Abort API)
  • Improved the uninstaller to use elevation when prudent and actually remove program files.
  • Fixed a rare issue with editable page content.
  • Fixed a crash related to ES module scripts.
  • Aligned ES module scripting better with the current spec and removed eager instantiation.
  • Fixed a potential issue with the JPEG encoder. (CVE-2020-12422) DiD
  • Fixed a potential issue with AppCache manifests. DiD
  • Fixed a potential crash in JavaScript date parsing.
  • Fixed a problem with RSA key generation that would make it potentially vulnerable to side-channel attacks. (CVE-2020-12402)
  • Fixed a potential crash due to multithread race condition. DiD
  • Fixed a correctness issue in URL handling. (CVE-2020-12418) DiD
  • Unified XUL Platform Mozilla Security Patch Summary: 2 fixed, 4 defense-in-depth, 10 not applicable.
DiD This is a defense-in-depth fix.

Re: Pale Moon updated to 28.11.0

Posted: 2020-07-21, 22:14
by Moonchild
An additional bit of release information about 28.11.0:

If you have previously installed a Firefox spell checking dictionary in Pale Moon, note that these will no longer be accepted by the browser in 28.11 and later, since they are for Firefox.
Compatible replacement dictionaries (with many thanks to Tobin) for almost all languages are available from our add-ons site under "Language tools" in the menu.
For the time being these are offered as a standard file listing with language codes; this will improve in the future as the add-ons site is improved.

We will be accepting maintainers for dictionaries once the add-ons site has been updated to know what to do with them properly.

Please note that these replacement dictionaries may have a warning ("was not designed for Pale Moon") on the details page for them; this is a harmless display bug and should be ignored. The dictionaries will work just fine, and this bug will be addressed in the next browser update.