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Deprecating Freenode IRC #palemoon

Posted: 2020-05-26, 20:33
by Moonchild
After a number of years of our use of a dedicated IRC channel on the Freenode network, we're retiring #palemoon as an officially representative IRC channel there.
It's has simply run its course and doesn't see the user requests warranting it, or the general discussion or overall engagement it needs, so we'll stop using IRC for Pale Moon altogether.
Instead, everyone is welcome to the forum where most of our community is active.

Thanks go out to the Freenode community for providing a stable and secure platform for our IRC needs at absolutely 0 costs. Kudos, people! :thumbup:

Re: Deprecating Freenode IRC #palemoon

Posted: 2020-05-30, 21:13
by Moonchild
Community members have stepped up asking to make the IRC channel unofficial and community-maintained, instead of shutting it down completely.
I appreciate the offer, and gladly step down as ChanOp for the channel to have it taken over by our user community.
I'm happy to announce SaphirJD/SaJaDi as the new channel owner, and will leave it in their and other trusted operators' hands from now on.
Please note that the IRC channel is independently maintained by volunteers from the user community from this point forward -- the forum will remain your go-to for official support.