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Bye-bye Google ads!

Posted: 2020-03-20, 12:55
by Moonchild
Even though we haven't exactly reached the goal set for this yet (we're a little shy of it), I have decided that enough really is enough, especially with all of the wonderful patrons being loyal to our project and continuing to support us as time goes by, even when things are tougher out in the world. All the fantastic one-shot support through Ko-Fi also helps a lot, so it's high time to say bye-bye to Google ads and making our website and service sites completely ad-free, and to stop funding the machine that allows Google to have so much power!

As of this post, the main website ads and those on the add-ons site are being removed; the Linux site and other miscellaneous pages that may still have ads on them will be taken care of in the coming days as well!

We do hope that all of you will continue to support us to keep our full and truly non-profit independence we are able to maintain thanks to your generous donations.

While I'm here, a note as an aside: If you are in an area currently having quarantine restrictions or limits imposed for the on-going pandemic: please carefully follow your healthcare provider's instructions to prevent explosive spread of this virus, don't fall into the panic-buying trap and think of your fellow man when buying what you need, and stay safe!

Thank you once again for your continued trust and support.