Planned downtime for some servers

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Planned downtime for some servers

Post by Moonchild » 2020-03-13, 16:44

There will be some planned downtime for some of our servers later today/early tomorrow.

This is due to a physical migration of servers to a different datacenter so downtime will be significant.

Start time: 2020-03-13 23:00 PST (2020-03-14 07:00 UTC)
Expected downtime will be up to 8 hours. Our provider has indicated that they expect it to take less than that but as we all know, Murphy lurks around the corner always ;)

Affected services:
  • US download mirror for Pale Moon and Basilisk
  • Sync easy-setup (12-character linking)
    If you need to link a new instance, please use your user name, password and recovery key, instead.
  • Extension blocklist updates for Pale Moon and Basilisk
Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.
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