Camellia Appreciation Day

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Camellia Appreciation Day

Post by Moonchild » 2020-02-11, 17:04

As announced we are limiting the available ciphers on the forum and some other websites under the Pale Moon project to Camellia suites only on the 12th of February.

This is to show our support for this superior cipher that is long-standing, is unfairly underrepresented in various libraries, and has no known cryptographic weaknesses (unlike AES/Rijdael). Any UXP-based software will have this cipher enabled by default.

To give this proper exposure over various time zones, we will have a slightly-extended time period for this on the forum, starting shortly after this announcement has been posted and running until 6pm Pacific time zones.
Due to overall poor support for this cipher at the moment, it's been decided to not continue to extend this to the main Pale Moon website any longer, despite it being available over http as well as https.
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