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Help us fund the Sync server

Posted: 2019-07-13, 13:31
by Moonchild
Update: We've reached our funding goal thanks to your donations! You're all awesome :)

Pale Moon Sync is provided as a convenience service for Pale Moon users, allowing users to synchronize bookmarks, passwords and open tabs between devices/operating systems/installations. We do not charge for its use.

The Sync server requires a decent amount of processing power on the server side to manage the over 5000 active(!) users it has now.
This comes with a price tag even with the good deal we get from our VPS provider - the next bill for it will be coming up in August, and there's currently no surplus budget to cover for it.

Please help us cover the annual hosting costs for this server! If you are an active user of this service we kindly ask that you chip in.
Without sufficient funding we will be forced to shut this service down.
To donate: please use our ko-fi page