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Basilisk and Google's DRM

Posted: 2019-05-29, 22:32
by Moonchild
Google has announced that it will no longer provide licensing for its Widevine DRM-enabled streaming content using version 1.4.9 or below after the 30th of May this year (this was originally November, but for undisclosed reasons has been moved forward 6 months). We've been working on the implementation of 4.10 to keep compatibility, but for various reasons (some personal of our defacto media component developer) implementation of the necessary API changes has taken much longer than anticipated and we currently do not yet have 4.10 compatibility in our MSE/EME components in the platform.

This means that new installations of Basilisk that have not yet received a CDM license from Google past this cut-off date will no longer be provisioned with a working decoder, even if the Google Widevine plugin has been installed in it. Existing profiles which have previously used EME DRM streaming should already have a usage license which they can continue to use for streaming, but new installations will not be able to until such time as our implementation of the new API is complete.