New milestone planned for mid-August

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New milestone planned for mid-August

Post by Moonchild » 2018-07-20, 13:59

Work is progressing well on the new milestone for Pale Moon, and at this point all known blockers are solved.
There's a few more things to be done and we'll do our best to get our language packs ready before then, but the browser itself should be ready for release in mid-August.

On the surface, very little will change as Pale Moon will remain Pale Moon. Under the hood, however, things will be radically different as we'll be building on UXP, the same platform in use for Basilisk and the new IceWeasel-UXP. This will bring with it some big advantages for web compatibility as we'll be supporting all landmark features of ES6 and ES7 in the JavaScript department, and have made great progress in newer HTML5, DOM and CSS specifications.
As is to be expected with such a great change, the heavy extension users among you may need to spend some time checking and updating extensions with the new milestone -- if you're worried about compatibility, toss up a ball on our forum and ask around. I'm sure people can tell you if your extensions are compatible and if so, which version of your favorite extensions should be used on v28.

Then, not a promise, but a hope that we'll have our OS X support finally up to a level where we can start releasing official Mac OS X versions as well, either at the same time or soon after. Fingers crossed on that one!

2018 so far has been very productive for us and I'm sure I speak for everyone in the developer side of our community when I say we're excited to bring you the new Pale Moon 28 when it's done!
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