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Pale Moon 28 beta and preliminary release plans

Posted: 2018-06-25, 11:35
by Moonchild
As of today, the unstable channel sees Pale Moon 28 beta 1, making the browser officially considered stable enough for daily use. If you decide to switch to the unstable channel to be on the bleeding edge, please be aware that you may still encounter versions that break in major ways as they are builds from our main development trunk (similar to "nightly" in Mozilla land) and they are not recommended for the average user. Also, as stated before, converting your profile to v28 is a one-way deal -- make a backup before you switch release channels!

A second announcement I'd like to make today is that development is progressing rapidly and smoothly, and it looks like we will be able to release v28.0.0 in (late) August somewhere, barring any unforeseen blockers. Of course it is always possible that the browser release will be delayed, and it is just as likely that there might be a few initial issues with the new milestone, but considering the general problems on websites that have popped up recently and Pale Moon 27 being rather behind in its standards support, I don't want to unnecessarily delay the final release. As is always the case, the browser will not be perfect out of the gate. Our localization may also need more time so if you rely on having the browser in your native language, you may want to hold off and keep an eye on available language packs before you update.