Unstable channel updated to v28 Alpha2

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Unstable channel updated to v28 Alpha2

Post by Moonchild » 2018-05-26, 10:51

The Unstable channel builds (our Pale Moon development builds) have been switched over to Alpha 2 of v28.0.0.

This is a new milestone, and the first unstable release on UXP (the platform in development that also powers Basilisk).
At this point the Alpha should be stable enough for daily use, but please be aware that there will be a good number of issue that still need to be resolved. One of the major issues Pale Moon v28.0.0a2 still has is that Sync is not yet operational, so if you rely on this, be aware.

We appreciate feedback on these builds - either through the forum's dedicated board for these builds or the GitHub issue tracker for UXP. Having more people use the browser in its pre-release state wil undoubtedly bring issues to light that a small team like ours has overlooked in our internal testing.

One important point to note: if you decide to upgrade to the unstable v28 version, it will migrate your browser profile to a later version that is not backwards compatible (similar to what happened with v26->v27). You cannot use the same profile if you decide to go back to a release version v27.* later.

I would like to stress once more that using the unstable channel software is entirely at your own risk. It may cause all sorts of unintended side-effects and you may lose data.

Linux unstable builds will follow when our Linux dev has had the opportunity to build and publish.
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