Redistribution license updated.

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Redistribution license updated.

Unread post by Moonchild » 2017-10-26, 10:58

Our redistribution license for Pale Moon has been updated to clarify the requirements for the use of official branding.

Specifically, a new point was added (8b) addressing configuration of the browser when redistributing it in source form through a distribution system that can impose configuration changes on the browser, when combined with using official branding. This was required because a number of Linux distributions that redistribute the browser in source form to end users might also (through the redistribution system in use) be reconfiguring the browser for the end-user in ways that were not intended or would even impair the browser's functions, which would be an unfair reflection on the Pale Moon project as a whole.

In short and plain English: even if you redistribute the browser in source form, you must be aware that you cannot configure the browser for end users in a way that is materially different than our official binaries without clearing it with me first. If you still wish to do so, you are not allowed to use official branding. Please communicate any changes beyond what is strictly needed to make the browser work on the target operating system before impacting all users of your package/distro.

You can read the updated license at (or here if you prefer https)
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