Pale Moon and various video sites.

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Pale Moon and various video sites.

Unread postby Moonchild » Sun, 02 Jul 2017, 22:37

Despite there being a clear mention in the Known Issues as well as the release notes, we continue to see people regularly complaining about video not (properly) playing on different news and video/streaming sites.

Once again, please understand that streaming media to a web browser through Media Source Extensions is very complex (mostly due to it being specced fully asynchronously), and we are working very hard on getting Pale Moon up to the latest specs and drafts in that respect (with a big Hats Off to Travis for his immense effort). Our current state is a work in progress.

There are known issues with media streaming and there are various workarounds for different sites in the interim (please search the forum if you have a specific streaming issue). This is a temporary situation and we will have much more complete support for the MSE specification in our next release (v27.4). Please be patient; doing this properly simply takes time and involves a lot of research, bug hunting and tackling specific problems with the hybrid platform we are on.
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