Issues when upgrading to v15

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Issues when upgrading to v15

Unread postby Moonchild » Wed, 29 Aug 2012, 13:40

Since more than the normal amount of people seem to have issues with version 15.0 after an upgrade, a few pointers:

  • TOP ISSUE: If you have a particularly old profile, one that has been migrated through several different versions of Firefox and/or Pale Moon, in particular profiles that were initially used on the legacy version of either browser (3.5.x/3.6.x), you can possibly run into issues like:
    • The browser closing to the desktop randomly
    • Problems opening new tabs
    • Certain URLs not properly loading (errors or blank pages)
    • Pages not displaying all elements as they should (blank buttons, elements missing, etc.)
    • History not working properly or not at all
    then the best option is to save a backup of your bookmarks, completely remove all Pale Moon related data, and reinstall with a fresh, clean profile. Sync can possibly help speed up this process. I know this is rather rigorous, but all things being equal it is by far the best option.
    Information on how to remove data can be found in this howto article (It should not be necessary to remove the browser application as outlined there, but you can do so to be sure you have a clean slate).
  • If you use a custom theme (not persona or "lightweight" theme), it is very likely not going to be compatible with Pale Moon 15 unless it has been specifically redesigned to work with Firefox 15. This can severely break the browser! Use the default theme and see if that fixes your issues. If it does, contact the theme author to make an update.
  • If you use add-ons, make sure that the add-ons are compatible with Firefox 15. "Implied compatibility" doesn't always mean that the add-ons actually work. You may run into similar issues as those stated above, with parts of the browser not working or not working as they should.
    The best solution is to restart Pale Moon with all add-ons disabled, and enabling them one by one until you find which add-on is the issue.
  • Some things have changed in the rendering engine, which can possibly cause issues with graphics drivers installed on your system. If you encounter graphic glitches or crashes or even blue screens of death, make sure you check your graphics drivers are up to date and using proper settings.
    On a related note: Make sure you disable FSAA/FXAA/Anamorphic filtering and similar globally, or exclude it specifically in application profiles, if your graphics card control panel allows you to do this. Not doing so may cause blacked-out controls or blurry text
When you do make a new profile, don't cut any corners - copying files over from your old profile may or may not work, and can still leave you with a potentially problematic profile. It should be safe, however, to copy stored passwords over (key3.db and signons.sqlite). Bookmarks are best restored from the bookmark backups that Pale Moon creates automatically, or by exporting them manually first.
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