Pale Moon updated 26.3.1!

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Pale Moon updated 26.3.1!

Unread postby Moonchild » Sat, 25 Jun 2016, 10:44

A quick point release to address some breaking issues in 26.3.0:

  • Fixed an issue with new tab button theming on dark toolbars.
  • Reverted the useragent identification of Firefox compatibility mode to 38.9 to avoid WOFF2 font issues for sites that don't use proper font deployment as recommended by the W3C.
    Please note that some websites may return to complaining about "too old Firefox" as a result.
  • Added a site-specific override for Google fonts to make sure it always works even if not using Firefox compatibility mode.
    (workaround pending for a proper solution on Google's side)
  • Adjusted the "dark color" detection routine to switch text to white at higher relative contrast levels.
    This will more closely match Windows 10's "flip point" for different accent colors and is within the recommended range determined by the WCAG.
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