Planned forum downtime

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Planned forum downtime

Unread post by Admin » 2016-01-05, 19:59

We will be bringing down the forum this weekend (9-10 January 2016) to upgrade the forum software.
Considering this is a major software change-over, this will take extended downtime to complete.

If you have support questions during the downtime, please be patient and do not try to get support through other channels as this will likely not be addressed and will just slow things down. Thanks for your cooperation!
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Re: Planned forum downtime

Unread post by Moonchild » 2016-01-10, 00:29

We're back up and running on our newly upgraded forum!

There may still be some tweaking and fine-tuning needed, so expect some brief interruptions in the coming weeks as we get everything in order.
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