Pale Moon 26.1.1 released!

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Pale Moon 26.1.1 released!

Unread postby Moonchild » Wed, 24 Feb 2016, 15:04

This is a bugfix release to improve stability and extension compatibility.


  • Fixed a few oversights in the Firefox extension compatibility changes in 26.1.0 that should improve compatibility with a number of Firefox extensions.
    If you've had additional issues with extensions not working in 26.1.0, this may solve your problem. This would specifically impact downloaders and potentially :?: the iMacros extension. Please let us know if this fixes previously-reported problems.
  • Changed memory handling to (hopefully) address the memory inflation issues some people have experienced with 26.1.0. This may also improve some crashes people have experienced (especially in mozalloc.dll)
    We will be investigating further as to the cause and potential solutions.
  • Updated YouTube compatibility, which should once again allow users to choose between Flash and HTML5 players on YouTube.
    This should give you back choice of either player, and as a result (with flash) allow 1024p if available, for as long as Google still serves video via Flash.
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