Which additional preferences does Pale Moon have?

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Which additional preferences does Pale Moon have?

Postby Moonchild » Thu Nov 07, 2013 11:43 am

Which additional preferences does Pale Moon have?

Pale Moon has a number of additional preferences in about:config (compared to Firefox) to control Pale Moon specific features. Here's an overview and brief explanation of them:

  • browser.display.standalone_images.background_color (text, v15.1+): Determines the background color for stand-alone images in hex ("#rrggbb") or named color ("red", "blue").
  • browser.padlock.shown (true/false, v15.2+): Controls display of the padlock for secure sites.
  • browser.padlock.style (number, v15.2+): Controls the location and style of the padlock.
  • browser.padlock.urlbar_background (number, v15.2+): Controls address bar shading for secure sites.
  • browser.sessionstore.exactPos (true/false, v24.2.0+): Controls whether restored windows will be placed at the exact position they were at in the last session, even if that would be (partially or completely) off-screen. (hidden pref)
  • browser.tabs.resize_immediately (true/false, v24.1.2+): Controls whether tabs will immediately resize to fill the tab bar when a tab is closed.
  • browser.urlbar.rss (true/false, v24.1.0+): Controls whether the web feed icon is shown in the address bar or not when feeds are available.
  • lightweightThemes.animation.enabled (true/false, v24.6.0+): Controls whether animated personas (lightweight themes) are allowed.
  • browser.display.ignore_accessibility_theme (true/false, v25.0.0+): Allows the user to override the use of accessibility colors in browser content (web pages).

Details for many of these preferences can be found in the Tweak Guide.

Explanation of (hidden pref): This preference by default does not show up in about:config. To change the value of it, you will have to add a new preference yourself with the exact name and type indicated.
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