How do I copy my Firefox profile to Pale Moon?

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How do I copy my Firefox profile to Pale Moon?

Postby Moonchild » Mon Sep 26, 2011 6:42 pm

How do I copy my existing Firefox profile to Pale Moon?

On Windows:
To migrate a Firefox or old (3.6.3 or earlier) Pale Moon profile (bookmarks, passwords, add-ons, etc.) to Pale Moon 3.6.6 or later, use the profile migration tool. This tool will copy the profile(s) from Firefox to Pale Moon.

If, for whatever reason, the tool doesn't work (properly), you will have to copy things manually. See this Troubleshooting section for help.

On Linux:
It is recommended you export your bookmarks in Firefox and import them in Pale Moon, and otherwise start fresh.

Some varied success has been reported using the FEBE tool to make selective backups and restores. Only select essential information like passwords and bookmarks. Extensions are best re-installed on Pale Moon due to potential path issues.
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